Meet The Team


Ms. April

Owner & Former Student

Summerfield is… Unique, Inspiring, and Simply Amazing!


Ms. Harlow


Summerfield is… timeless!

Ms. Christine


My favorite books are…
“Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Heinkes, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and “Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester.

Ms. Terri


Summerfield is… Fun, Unique and Educational.

Ms. Andrea

 Summerfield is…Kind, Happy and Loving.

Ms. Antoinette

 Summerfield is…Dedicated, Loving and Educational.

Ms. Ashley

 My favorite book is…“The Fault In Our Stars” by: John Green

Ms. Brianna

 Summerfield is…Interactive, Loving and Safe.

Ms. Debra

My favorite book is…“Steel Magnolias” by: Robert Harling.

Ms. Desiree

Summerfield is… Teachers that care.

Ms. Gabby

My favorite book is…“Three Little Pigs”

Ms. JJ

My favorite childhood memory was… My dad teaching me how to swim.

Ms. Joy

My favorite book is… “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by: Shel Silverstein.

Ms. Maddie

My favorite book is… “The Fault in Our Stars” by: John Green

Ms. Melanie

Summerfield is… Sweet, impressive and welcoming!

Ms. Mersadies

Summerfield is… Great for exploration!

Ms. Neisy

Summerfield is… Educational, Fun, and Loving.

Ms. Nichoal L.

Summerfield is…Creative, Entertaining and Delightful.

Ms. Nicole V.

My favorite book is… “Five People to Meet in Heaven” by: Mitch Albom.

Ms. Shakyta

My favorite book… “Pete The Cat” by: James Dean & “Green Eggs and Ham” by: Dr. Seuss

Ms. Silvia

My favorite childhood memory was… Going to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Ms. Tiera

My favorite childhood memory was…Going to the waterpark with my family every year.


Ms. Wanda

Summerfield is… Loving, Friendly and Caring.

Ms. Zabdi

My favorite childhood memory was… Going camping with my mother’s side of the family every year in the fall since I was five.